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Create a freelancer profile to attract the most interesting clients and projects. Malt is not a job board so no need to prospect... let clients find you instead!

  • Work on projects that interest you, and discuss them directly with the end-client
  • Set your own terms and choose your own rate, you are in charge
  • Save time with automated administration and get paid within 72 hours 
  • No registration fee, no subscription fee, use Malt completely free of charge
  • Inside or outside IR35, we help you get set up correctly 
  • Our community benefits from our free events, webinars, helpful content and loyalty program
  • Professional liability insurance covers all your projects
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It's your turn to call the shots

Built for freelancers

Malt is built with you in mind. We provide a free user friendly interface and tools that save you time and help you focus on what you do best.

Diversify your portfolio

Thousands of companies, startups, and organizations across all sectors send out project proposals on Malt every day.

Fair and transparant

We empower you to negotiate directly with the client. There's never anything standing in your way from building stronger one-to-one relationships with your client.

More than 60,000 clients are proposing projects on Malt

From sign up to payment, Malt always has your back

A simple and secure service

Simple profile creation

It's easy to create a freelance profile that will catch the eye of thousands of potential clients - and make your parents proud, too.

Incredible time savings

Administrative tasks are made simple with Malt, from editing quotes with just a few clicks to sending clients invoices automatically.

Super fast payments

No longer wait forever to get paid once a project has been completed. Payments are always released directly to your bank account within 72 hours.

Unlimited peace of mind

All Malt projects are insured by Markel up to £5M. For anything else you might need, our friendly customer care team is always ready to help.

Your projects are insured up to 5M£

Being a Malter has its perks


Learning moments

We organize over 200 workshops and webinars per year to help Malt freelancers learn how to grow their businesses, improve their project management skills, and become Super Malters in no time flat.


Networking opportunities

Get to know your fellow freelancers at Aftermalt networking events, organized by Malt freelancers for freelancers in a growing number of cities across Europe.