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Andrei Badea

Experienced, pragmatic software engineer

Works remotely from Prague

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  • Suggested rate £562 / day
  • Experience 7+ years
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Prague, Czech Republic
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Andrei in a few words

Well-rounded software engineer versed in all application stages, from design through implementation to deployment and operation. Experienced in agile development of large-scale, cloud-based distributed systems with a focus on reliability and performance. Fast learner with an analytical mind and an acute sense for detail, consistently able to straddle the gap between business and software engineering.


upday GmbH & CO. KG - upday GmbH & CO. KG

Digital & IT

Technical Lead  - As a freelancer

May 2022 - December 2022 (7 months)

Upday is a top-ranking news app. I was hired to be the technical lead for the ongoing development and launch of a new article crawler and importer backend, end to end from deployment infrastructure to design and architecture, development, operations and observability. Apart from day to day coding, I was responsible for designing solutions for incoming requirements and helping the team when they were blocked.

Zalando - Zalando Germany

Digital & IT

Freelance Software Engineer  - As a freelancer

October 2021 - March 2022 (5 months)

Picking up, developing new features for and maintaining an event-driven, microservice-based architecture covering supply chain management. Among my accomplishments were understanding and fixing long-term (years) technical pain points that were hindering the team's on-call duties, helping to decrease the weekly effort from 100% of an engineer's time to 30%. The contract ended due to company-wide budget restrictions. Main tools and technologies: Kotlin, Nakadi (Kafka), Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, OAuth2.


Senior Software Engineer

Prague, Czechia

August 2020 - September 2021 (1 year and 1 month)

Liftago is a Czech startup providing ride hailing and logistics services. My main focus was a new billing solution, a large project that touched virtually every business area. I actively took part in the development and launch of the new billing, promoting and delivering a phased rollout that ensured no disruption was caused to either business or customers. Among my other accomplishments: in my first month at Liftago I introduced a company-wide Java library that promoted the use of feature flags while avoiding common pitfalls. In my third month I promoted and developed an improvement to the existing billing that brings the company ~75,000 CZK each month. Main tools and technologies: Kotlin, Spring Boot, MySQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes, AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), Datadog.


Senior Software Developer

Sydney NSW, Australia

July 2018 - March 2020 (1 year and 8 months)

My most significant contribution at Atlassian was leading the effort to port Jira Cloud emails (over 15M emails/day) to a new notifications platform. I came up to speed with Jira emails and internals quickly, which was noticed repeatedly by product managers ("I thought you had worked on Jira for years"). Despite the challenges posed by the complexity and maturity of Jira Cloud, the project was delivered successfully and without adverse customer impact. In the second half of my stint at Atlassian I served as the feature lead of a project focused on the performance, scalability and reliability of the issue storage system in Jira Cloud. I delivered various subprojects, such as user management, data migration and load shadowing, again, from inception to deployment and monitoring. Main tools and technologies: Java, Kotlin, REST and Protobuf-based APIs, DynamoDB, Spring Boot, monitoring (Datadog, SignalFx).

Rocket Fuel

Software Engineer

Prague, Czechia

October 2017 - March 2018 (5 months)

Rocket Fuel was an ad-tech mature startup. I took part in Rocket Fuel's big data infrastructure and analytics team, implementing business requirements in the existing data pipelines and writing new Spark jobs. Main tools and technologies: Scala, Spark, Hive, Hadoop.


Principal Software Engineer

April 2016 - June 2017 (1 year and 2 months)

Concur is a mid-size company doing expense and travel management. I worked on two agile green-field microservices in Java, implementing business logic, mobile-first REST APIs and zero-downtime deployments. One of the projects handled authentication for all Concur mobile users (a few hundred thousand users); the other implemented an event-based API that supported offline mobile synchronization. Both services were run in a you-write-it-you operate-it fashion, which required the understanding of the whole backend stack, from the database all the way up to the AWS ELB. Main tools and technologies: Java, microservices, Python, AWS, Ansible, OAuth, JSON Web Token, TLS with mutual authentication.

Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange

Senior Software Developer  - As a freelancer

November 2012 - December 2015 (3 years and 1 month)

DBCE was a startup spun off Deutsche Börse, focused on the trading and management of cloud resources. I served as the technical lead of its backend, which was a fairly complex, distributed application. Apart from working on all layers from storage all the way up to web technologies, I also provided valuable comments on the business model. We implemented WebSocket notifications, REST APIs, automated integration tests, continuous delivery and one-button deployments, all that with an agile process that was essentially Scrum with less rituals and more ad-hoc communication. Main tools and technologies: Java (Spring, Hibernate, Wicket, Guava, Metrics), Python, PostgreSQL, TLS with mutual authentication and perfect forward secrecy, REST APIs, Ansible, WebSocket, JavaScript, HTML5 technologies.

Deutsche Börse

Senior Software Enginner

August 2010 - November 2012 (2 years and 3 months)

Working on a few ad-hoc commodity trading systems, implementing new features, fixing bugs and maintaining and refactoring the existing code. I came up to speed quickly: during the first two weeks I fixed all failing unit tests (almost half of them) of the first system I worked on. Within the first month I performed a long-avoided refactoring that modified the core of the system and touched virtually every source file. Among my other responsibilities at Deutsche Börse was interviewing candidates for our team. Apart from conducting or taking part in a few dozens of interviews, I also helped make the interviewing process more effective. Main tools and technologies: Java (Spring, Hibernate, Guava, JSF), PostgreSQL, REST APIs, JavaScript, HTML5 technologies.

Sun Microsystems

Software Engineer / Technical Lead

November 2008 - July 2010 (1 year and 8 months)

Taking part in the Identity Connectors project, a subproject of Sun Identity Manager focused on providing a new framework for identity provisioning. Developing a connector for the Sun Directory Server EE and OpenDS LDAP servers. Later serving as the team's technical lead and the maintainer of the Identity Connectors framework. Responsible for incorporating feedback from Identity Manager and connector developers and for implementing API changes in both the Java and .NET/C# sides of the framework. Main tools and technologies: LDAP, API design, core Java and .NET.

Sun Microsystems

Software Engineer

November 2004 - October 2008 (3 years and 11 months)

Taking part in the development of the J2EE/Java EE support in the NetBeans IDE, such as Java Persistence API and web application support. Being responsible for the database support in NetBeans. Leading the implementation team for Spring Framework support in NetBeans 6.1. Designing, implementing and reviewing NetBeans APIs. Main tools and technologies: Java SE, concurrency, API design, Swing, JDBC, NetBeans platform.

MagicWare s.r.o.

Software Engineer, later Development Lead at MagicWare Ltd

April 2001 - October 2004 (3 years and 6 months)

Leading a team of 8 developers, analyzing customer requirements and developing web applications in ASP and later ASP.NET. Designing and supervising the development of reusable components for internal use. Implementing deadlocks (because of no awareness about isolation levels). Main tools and technologies: .NET, C#, MS SQL Server, web technologies.