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Tomescu Nicoleta

Program Manager/Project Manager/Consultant

Can work in or around Brussels

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  • Suggested rate £480 / day
  • Experience 7+ years
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Brussels, VB, Belgium
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  • Brussels and around (up to 50km)


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  • Between 3-6 months
  • ≥ 6 months
Business sector
  • Automobile
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Biotech
  • Consulting & Audits
  • Digital & IT
+14 other
Company size
  • 50 - 249 people
  • 250 - 999 people
  • 1000 - 4999 people
  • ≥ 5000 people


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Tomescu in a few words

I am first, an experienced expert with almost 20 years in the work field, I am an achiever and a "doer" irrespective of my important roles from my CV.
I have acted like a customer advisor, hardly work, and manage impressive number of people as head of department or like COO&CFO in banking and leasing industry.
My affinity to organize things, to optimize and automate as much as possible processes and obtain financial results bring me to my next assignment in my last company, Softelligence, as Had of PMO and Application Maintenance. I had a Project Management process implementation here, I had managed important collection of projects like Project Manager and a reliable Head of a support team. I have managed the delivery into production, from the discovery, designing, deployment and maintenance in the key projects and succed to bring added value in a timmely manner in the approved budgets.
I have managed 2 M&A exercises in my experience in 2 different industries (leasing and IT), played with Discounted Cash Flows, I have diminished non-billable time and an increased utilization rate of the resources, played with support for online applications for digital signatures and cash disbursements in 5 minutes time under an extremely strict SLA in banking and support the delivery for insurance projects like claims damages administration.
My program and project management approach relies on a solid business and financial knowledge in many areas mosthly in the above mentioned ones but not limited, at the last on a good understating of technical part, working and interacting with many cultures and industries.



Digital & IT

Head of Project Management Office and Application Maintainance

Bucharest, Romania

November 2019 - February 2023 (3 years and 3 months)

Key achievements:
Succeed to achieve the goals in time and in budgets!
Implement and monitor PMO processes and a support practice with direct impact in the overall profitability.
• Building and monitoring the adoption of the framework for process management processes and a PMO roadmap which is designed to support the strategic needs of both internal and external customers
• Supporting the PM team of skilled project management professionals in the successful delivery of the program/project portfolio
• Provide mentoring, coaching and training to the project leadership, and program/project team members
• Ensure project teams are following best practices and adhering to processes and policies and initiatives are delivered on time, within budget and scope, while meeting quality standards; the utility of gates is widely recognized.
• Partner with business development teams on growth with existing and new clients
• Directly involved in managing a part of strategic business programs/projects including the supervision of delivery for specific projects (Project 1 – eCare 2 – a Self Service Portal for a leasing companies; Project 2 – Strategic Data Transfer from local entity to headquarter (Vienna) ;Project 3 – Digital onboarding and digital signature for a big Austrian bank; Project 4 – CRM Collection (debts collection for leasing and banking industry); Project 5 – Sales, Risk and Financial Management reports (Tableau and Power BI); Project 6 (internal) – Resource allocation tool; Project 7 (internal)- Time Sheet Automation tool
• Oversee the successful delivery of all projects within the organization for external and internal projects
• Monitor project timelines, budgets, and objectives in collaboration with upper management via Gates and Budget follow up meetings
• Work closely with upper management, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure that all projects are aligned with the organization's overall strategy and objectives and with clients' strategies
• Monitor project progress and identify and mitigate potential risks (RAID log)
• Provide regular reports on project progress and status to upper management and other stakeholders together with action plans, when needed
• Monitor the monthly revenues, accruals and expenses versus the budget.
• Resource planning for the entire company including a tool developed internally; this means I coordinated the resources allocation based on project deadlines, skills and known languages and technologies (Java script, .net, C Sharp, Power apps, CRM Dynamics, SQL&SSIS; Tableau, Click, Power BI)
• Monitor and collaborate proactively with account management area for all contractual documentation
• Monitor key performance indicators like Utilization rate and Billability and take proactively all necessary actions to optimize Non billable time; Monitor overall profitability in the company: actual gross margin and profit versus the budget
• Build from business point of view together with a SQL and PBI developer of a various number of Power BI Reports to play easily with large amounts of data and taking decision in time, not retrospectively
II. Application Maintenance
• Organize, coordinate and lead the support team : in the beginning just 3 projects were managed under support; in the meantime 15 different projects were hand overed in Support area with a limited number of resources, extremely experienced, quick learners and adaptive to new technologies (Java script, .net, C Sharp, Power apps, CRM Dynamics, SQL&SSIS; Tableau, Click, Power BI) and projects for banking and leasing companies, for insurance clients, in interaction with both, insurers and brokers for a wide group of services (home, life, etc.) in on premise and Cloud environments;
• Assure the best service for all clients in accordance with specific SLAs.
• Negotiate with clients each new contract and renewals together with the account manager for clear condition, answering to customer’s needs.
• Manage and maintain as Head of Support Practice together with the Development Head of Practice the development and deployment process; all tickets/issues/small changes raised to support team were covered with my team as Level 2 resolver group in 80% and just 20% if ticket were escalated to Level 3 (development teams).
• Manage 2 types of projects in support : active ones with various Releases implemented, up and running, when harmonization and clear flows are followed in order to fix the issues, promote them to a developer for code review and proceed further for deployment on hot fixes channel or in regular Releases, as agreed with clients depending on problem severity level (Critical, High, Medium or Low; the second type of projects, the completed ones when maintenance and small changes are requires was also part of the support activity;
• Organize and lead the Service quarterly/monthly reviews with clients; excellent feedback was always welcomed, and improvements proposed and agreed with clients for both parties.
• Organize handover for new projects and training for team members.
External service provider’s roles & responsibilities in the project:

Project 1 – eCare 2 – a Self Service Portal for a leasing company
Key achievements:
Within the short time after onboarding, I have taken over a project with significant delays in delivery and turned it back into a normal delivery timeline. New requests were submitted afterwards.
The role was to lead like a Project Manager and turnaround the project.
The main set of responsibilities revolve around applying the best strategy for accomplish the customer requirements under the proper cost, leveraging at all times the experienced resources from the team, planning, improving communication and the relationship management with the client and internally the communication with the management for further decisions, reporting, monitoring and delivery.
Shorth Description of the project: The self-service portal allows to end leasing customers to see and check in real time with a secured access, information's about contract portfolio, payments, the next amounts and the due dates. the clients have the possibility to export and download various documents, automatically generated filled in with reliable info extracted from his agreement (claims damage request in car accident case, a travel request for abroad trips).
The back end, the integration with the client core banking was one the most important part of the project (SQL and SSIS), daily synchronization and a data historization was implemented. The front end was developed and customized on some features in Java Script in a Digital Platform.
Project 2 – Strategic Data Transfer from leasing local entity to headquarter, the bank (Vienna)
Key achievements: Assure an extremely accurate data transfer from a leasing company core banking into the mother bank data warehouse.
The role was to act like PMO for project monitoring and support the onboarding of a new Technical Project Manager into a difficult project 1,5 years project in the middle of the project, support in re-plan and project delivery timeline adjustment in order to recover the delays. Onboard additional resources for a proper velocity keeping under control the cost, participating in estimation preparation and negotiations with the client for new money for next phases/new requirements requested in the Projects.
The biggest challenge was the complexity of the project with data extraction from each part of the company: business, risk, finance under 15 different streams.
The team had proved high commitment under our guidance and supervision, the monthly releases were usefully deployed, and the project is stable, up and running for 2 years already.
Project 3 – Digital onboarding and digital signature for a big bank.
Key achievements: OCR solution and video call recognition together with a digital signature solution help the bank after the implementation to become the 1st player in the market, with the best Time to Cash: 10 minutes for money disbursed into account, all data checked, all consents obtained, reimbursment capacity executed in background in the scoring engine and the loan agreement signed by the client and the bank. An insurance can be embedded into the package or can be added during the lifecycle.
The role in this project was to be the Project Manager for a technical upgrade for the Digital Signature Solution.
I had played like a SPOC for 3 various providers, coordinating the internal communication and the external one with the main provider involved in the Upgrade and also the bank, the ultimate beneficiary of the delivery.
My responsibility revolves around the following areas:
1. Negotiation of the estimation with the client
2. Planning management
3. Project execution
Project 4 – Sales, Risk and Financial Management reports (Tableau and Power BI)
Key achievements: the Tableau Dashboard implementation allow to the Management Team/Client to take quick, proactive decisions and adjust or increase the business easily instead of large amounts of hours consumption to be spent for xls calculations.
The role was to act like a business consultant.
Project 5 (internal) – Resource allocation tool
Key achievements:
Assure the capability to manage the huge amounts of resources, skills, planning and optimization of the allocation into proper projects.
The role was as a Stakeholder but with deep involvement into defining the scope, requirements, delivery and further maintenance.
Project 6 (internal)- Time Sheet Automation tool
Key achievements: for PMO office this implementation was translated into time reduction for each month process of timesheet preparation, accrual registration and invoicing issuing process.
The role was as a Stakeholder helping the PMO team to obtain savings and proper usage of time for other activities.
Project Management Agile method Budget palnning Resource planning Reporting Management Control Program management Leadearship Delivery Account management MS Project Jira Target Process Kanban GDPR Consulting and Solutioning Discovery and Inventory Problem management

BCR Leasing IFN, Erste Group

Banking & Insurance


Bucharest, Romania

April 2013 - October 2019 (6 years and 6 months)

Key achievements:
Lead the company, as part of the Management Board from loss (2013) to profit (2014-2019).
- Optimize of various sub-processes with direct impact in final result (the profit) and efficiency
(Best in class in the Group on Cost per Income indicator)
- Contribute in IFRS9 implementation (2017), RPA implementation for small processes (2018) and Dashboards in Tableau (2017) with focus on sales, risk and financial KPIs
- Act in the Sterring Committee the new online Front-End Approval application for Private Individuals (2019) including a car configurator and financial structure (chatbot); an Upgrade for companies also for the same app.
- Outsource of car registration/deregistration activity (2014)
- Optimize of insurance flows via Broker with the Insurance Companies; Net fee and commission increased during years
- Self-service platform upgraded version implementation for all clients
- Responsible for early collection and repossession team (2013-2017)
- Managing the Financial and Operational Line: controlling & reporting, accounting, operations departments for 2 entities BCR Leasing (financial leasing) and Fleet Management (operational leasing).
- Responsible and accountable for Funding, Budgeting and Accounting
- Responsible and accountable for Reporting in front of authorities National Bank, Ministry of Finance and the mother bank
- Responsible and accountable for external (EY, PwC) and internal audit, for any other controls under my area (National Romanian Bank, Ministry of Finance, Consumers Authority)
- Responsible and accountable for support functions (Sales Support Dep., Customers Support Team, Controlling and Accounting Team, Insurance Team, Registration Team)
Management Control Budgeting Process Automation RPA Cost optimization Profitability Project Management Auditing Reporting Communication Strategic planning Leadership Funding Cash Management Soft and Hard Collection; Workout Banking Tableau software Microsoft Power BI Presentation skills

BCR, Erste Group

Banking & Insurance

Head of Retail Loans Department, Service Delivery Division

Bucharest, Romania

November 2011 - March 2013 (1 year and 4 months)

My mission here was to manage lending optimization in a challenging period, after the crisis in cut costs reduction constraints in order to reduce the number of FTEs involved vs. IT investments with long term target in mind!
Key achievements:
Optimize the E2E lending processes.
- Assure process ownership for E2E retail lending processes.
- Responsible for designing of E2E retail lending processes.
- Responsible for optimization of retail lending processes under the Banks process management governance model, Target Operating Model principles and in compliance with Group methodology
(2012 Target – implement Fast Approval flow for a specific pool of clients & other optimizations related)
- Responsible, together with the other operational entities, for implementing a customer oriented Operating Model in the area of retail processes.
- Responsible for identifying opportunities for continuous retail process improvements
- Provides support to Business Process Management function in modelling the designed E2E unsecured retail lending processes in ARIS PPM
- Responsible for establishing the relevant KPI for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the E2E unsecured retail lending processes (e.g. TTY, TTC, re-examination rate, STP rate etc.)
- Responsible for concluding the SLAs with the major stakeholders of the unsecured retail lending processes
- Ensure support to CPMO to establish the prioritization of the projects addressing the retail lending area.
- Being SPOC toward Org & IT Division for any requirements from the retail functional line.
- Responsible for offering support in designing/reviewing the training materials covering the unsecured retail lending processes to be used by the training teams under Change & Progress Management
- Assess process improvements ideas collect through BCR Progress Program or from training teams.
- Defines the Business Requirements for the unsecured retail lending processes Issue CRs and perform UAT for all CRs related to unsecured retail loans and collaborates with ORGSIT for
- Responsible for the Product Handbook related to each and all unsecured retail lending products.
- Responsible for aligning/integrating the unsecured lending processes run in the subsidiaries based on the Group control governance model
Process optimisation Project management MS Project Business analysis Business development Risk management Visio People management Capacity planning Coaching Communication

BCR, Erste Group

Banking & Insurance

Head of Unsecured Loans, Retail Operations Division

Bucharest, Romania

October 2007 - October 2011 (4 years)

Key achievements:
Manage a department with 250 FTEs involved in analysis and approval unsecured loans, assure a proper FTE allocation/a capacity model all the time, playing with huge amounts of loans.
Under this role I had achieved excellent results for business and clients in terms of volumes, Time to Yes, Time to Cash in a completely different environment (the early beginning of automation of risk criteria, lack of integration between banks and Credit Bureau, Ministry of Finance (for revenues, etc.), Fraud databases.
- Manage all activities related to analysis and approval of retail loans
- Take part to all relevant projects for optimize the E2E lending processes (centralization of analysis during Oct 2007-2008; centralization of approval in 2010, support in Krimi project implementation, RL STP – interface between front end approval loans application and core business system, Risk Based Pricing, ARIS PPM etc)
- Responsible for retail lending workflow and related procedure/ actions for optimize the flows
-Assure feedback for all relevant procedures (Retail Clients Analysis, Incomes Analysis, Retail lending documentation, Product Files, etc.)
- Measure and monitor relevant KPI’s for unsecured loans on daily, weekly, monthly bases (TTY, reexaminations rate, no. of new entries, productivity, etc)
- Issue CRs and perform UAT for all CRs related to unsecured retail loans and collaborates with ORG IT for implementation
- Responsible for aligning/integrating the unsecured lending processes run in the subsidiaries based on the Group control governance model (BCR Leasing)
- Assure coordination of Secured Loans Dep. during July 2010 – Jan 2011
- Responsible for Capacity planning
FTEs under coordination: 250 – centralized risk and back-office processes (centralization between 2007-2008)
Operations People management Project Management Microsoft Project Cost and Budget Control Business analysis Risk assesment Visio Business development Reporting Communication

BCR, Erste Group

Banking & Insurance

Product manager - Mortgage Loans Dep., Retail Loans Division at

Bucharest, Romania

September 2006 - October 2007 (1 year and 1 month)

Key achievements:
Grow the number of partnerships, learn specific aspects related to real estate industry and mortgage loans.
Propose the creation of new products/services and improvement for the existing ones, based on:
- Current portfolio performance (including targets achievement)
- Market and regulatory environment evolution
- Particular needs for different distribution channels
Define product features and creating adequate business requirements.
Extension of partners portfolio and relationship maintenance
Solve current problems related to partnership agreements (special offer, pricing and workflows trough front end approval loans application or directly in the branches)
Support for approval system (administration tasks)
Act as a Team member in 2 major projects:
1. Retail Branch Network Project (October –December 2006)
2. Retail Real Estate Project – (Jan.2007- July 2007)
Business support for new structure of retail branch network
Business support for new concept model for improvement of retail mortgage loans (Market analysis, Real Estate market – through direct observation, developers and real estate agents' surveys,
Mortgage loans market – through direct observation, mystery shopping, Client portfolio analysis, with focus on geographical repartition, new structure, mortgage centre locations, workflows, hierarchical relations (subordination, coordination, collaboration) ,capacity planning for FTE’s for 2007-2009
Market analysis Risk assesment Industry research Lending Team work Methodology

BCR Branch at BCR, Erste Group

Banking & Insurance

Retail Customer Advisor

Bucharest, Romania

April 2004 - August 2006 (2 years and 4 months)

Promote the BCR Group products and services / counsel the customers and the potential customers / identifying the opportunities to sell the bank’s products and services.
Identify the customer needs and to assure the fulfilment of their requests and make cross-sales from the range of retail products and services.
Verify and update the databases that contains customer information.
Identifying the customer on basis of the specific know your customer standards.
Receive the requested documents, evaluating the request’s feasibility and performing the specific operations according to the working procedures.
- Perform Cash and non-cash operations (opening current accounts, cash deposit/cash withdrawal operations, transfers between accounts, speed transfers)
Perform Cards operations (new cards release, renew of expired card, ATM conventions, cashing cards, other cards requests)
Perform operations with non-customers. (cheques operations)
Supervisory role in Front End approval application for retail loans
Perform FX bidding, external payments.
Retail Banking Corporate Banking Operations Communication

Andra Stef - Edenred Digital Center


I've worked with Nicoleta in Softelligence for about 2.5 years as a PMO in her team. She is an established leader, with tons of experience under her belt. Rapid decision making and quick issue identification in difficult situations empower her to deliver even the most complex of projects. With a keen eye for detail, Nicoleta always manages to anticipate both client and team needs. She is also extremely reliable, which made her team and clients to trust her and facilitated an easy and productive collaboration. From my point of view, Nicoleta is a valuable asset in any team and any future employer would be really lucky to have her.

Alexandru Dragomir - Witty Business Solutions SRL


I have collaborated with Nicoleta while in Softelligence on a good number of projects. Her support, her structured approach to work, her discipline and adamant attitude towards results first, her keen eye on the customer's need and their challenges, made the whole experience and collaboration an excellent place to brainstorm for solutions, use creativity and structure to tackle very challenging situations. In my mind, she is an asset that any potential company should consider for driving their most difficult projects.