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Creating a Better World with Flash Organizations

Malt Strategy (ex-COMATCH) facilitated some pro bono work with the help of a Flash Organization. Flash organizations are temporary teams or short-term project teams staffed with the best experts to solve specific problems. makes donating to social projects easy and efficient through the most frequently used online and social media sites. 

Their challenge was to bring influencers on board to collect donations from a younger audience: online video users. They requested Malt Strategy's (ex-COMATCH) support with a temporary team to prepare a strategy on how to reach this goal.

Solving complex problems often requires skills that are non-existent in an organization’s workforce. That’s what, Germany’s largest donation platform, recently learned.

This challenge required a team with people that had access to a network of influencers, the ability to communicate and persuade, the correct technological knowledge, project and roadmap planning, roll-out skills, and of course, a host of much needed soft-skills. As this is rarely found within the same person, a Flash Organization seemed to be just the right solution.

The tried and proven Malt Strategy (ex-COMATCH) way is to approach these projects by identifying the project lead first and using their insights to find the remaining experts. In just 48 hours, Malt Strategy (ex-COMATCH) was able to find a suitable candidate using our algorithm-powered search method and then aligned with the client. In the end, the temporary team consisted of four specialists from all over Europe. This meant that for large parts of the engagement, the team worked remotely and communicated via a digital conference tool. The project lead steered all efforts and was responsible for the ongoing communication with the client. Malt Strategy (ex-COMATCH) was able to attend the final presentation to the client to learn about the project results and to collect feedback on how Flash Organizations function in practice.

After two intense months, the flash team prepared a business plan and go-to-market strategy, including positioning for BetterPLAY, a streaming service directed at a young audience.

Malt Strategy (ex-COMATCH) is proud of the contribution of its consultants in facilitating donations to worthy social projects. We hope to continue to use Flash Organizations and temporary teams to support charitable causes.