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What are the advantages working with freelancers?

Working with freelancers enables businesses to have a personalized and hands-on approach to their projects. Watch the video below to listen to Jennie Carter, a Creative Campaign Strategist at Vodafone, as she talks about the benefits of working with freelancers.

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How was your experience working with freelancers?

When your team is under pressure and requires additional support, freelancers can offer an excellent solution for driving results.

Listen to Lena Kul, Recruitment Lead - Product Design & UXR at Miro, as she shares her firsthand experience of utilizing freelance talent.

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What are the benefits of working with freelancers?

If you're looking for quick support, freelancers can offer the right solution for you.

Freelancers have a wealth of diverse experiences, contributing to various projects within different companies and teams, allowing them to provide quick support.

Don't just take our word for it – Lena Kul, Recruitment Lead in Product Design & UXR at Miro, can attest to the advantages she's gained from collaborating with freelance professionals.

How has Gofore found working with freelancers?

Freelancers are true experts in their craft, so if you want to strengthen your team's core capabilities, freelance support could provide the perfect solution.

Karl Nyman, Director of People Operations DACH at Gofore, shares his firsthand insights from collaborating with freelancers.

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What do you think about freelancing?

The modern workforce craves flexibility in their professional lives like never before.

Watch below as Karl Nyman, Director of People Operations DACH at Gofore, delves into how freelancing helps empower people to seize this freedom of choice.

Not only is freelancing beneficial for freelancers, but it also provides an opportunity for businesses that require expert support on their projects.

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