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Are you interested in the metrics on your Malt profile? Do you wish to improve them? This article will explain it all!

You can also check out this video for a quick summary:


We have a saying at Malt: “the more, the merrier”. And no, this doesn't only apply to increasing the number of freelancers and clients we help to work together. It also applies to helping you to optimise your profile as much as possible to secure more business.

Complete your profile

A profile is considered “completed” at Malt if you've filled in the following requirements:

  • A title

  • A profile picture

  • At least 4 tags

  • A description of at least 200 characters

  • A daily rate

Once created, freelancers will see the completion checklist on their profile, which aims to remind you to fill in every section by showing you what's still left to complete. Only you can see this checklist.

Advanced profile

In order to have an Advanced profile, you need to have completed:

  • All of the above

  • Adding at least one experience

  • Adding at least 3 tags in the skills section (so having at least 7 tags)

  • Signing the freelancer charter

  • Adding at least a language

100% completion

So how do you get to 100%? By adding the following:

  • Your location and remote work preferences

  • Your education and certifications

  • Your project preferences


Several dashboards can be found in your profile, and you can find out more information below.

My visibility

You can check out your visibility statistics by opting for a weekly or monthly view, as follows:

People who have added you to their favourites

This represents the number of clients globally who have added you to their “favourites”. However, this is not on a weekly or monthly basis; this is an “all-time” list, meaning it could be people who have added you today and two years ago.

Appearances in search results

This corresponds to the number of times a client has searched for a profile with some of the keywords listed in your profile, and how many times your profile has come up during those searches. It's helpful to know if your profile appears in the search results at all. If not, you could use this tool to better define said keywords. 

Your appearance rate is low. What should you do?

  • Start out by reviewing your profile and by adjusting your keywords. Don’t hesitate to take a look at other freelancers’ profiles in your category to do so
  • Make sure you are listed in the right category
  • Add your previous experiences and details of prior projects. This step is often overlooked but remains crucial to generate trust with potential clients
  • Add your academic experience, if relevant

Good to know: Don’t forget there can be a seasonality effect for the search. For example, your appearance rate may probably be lower in August or December.

People who have visited your profile

This represents the number of times a potential client has clicked on your profile to review it. This data is also useful if you compare it to the appearances. If your visit rate is much lower than your appearance rate, this means you should probably review your profile starting with your picture, your daily rate and your tags.

Optimising your visibility is of the utmost importance on Malt, learn more about how to do so with this article.


Keywords. Our favourite word at Malt. And the key to your success on our Marketplace as well.

You will find a dashboard with a focus on your keywords, their views and their ranking in your statistics:

  • Keywords: you will see all the keywords used by the clients that match with your profiles (in summary, the ones they use the most)

  • Views: the second column will give you the number of times you appeared in the search when clients are searching for these keywords

  • Ranking: this shows the position that your profile appears when clients are searching for a specific keyword. For example, if you were to appear in the 100th position for one important keyword, it's worth reviewing your profile to make sure that this specific keyword and associated competencies are listed in your profile several times to help you rank higher.

Optimising your profile and finding the right angle to showcase your expertise and services can take time. We recommend you test different keywords, and different approaches and analyse the impact using your Malt dashboard and statistics view.

Martin Vaquié has written a great article about having an SEO approach to boost your profile, learn more about this here. Martin became a Super Malter 2 in less than 6 months, you can trust his recommendations!