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Why We Still Talk to Our Consultants

Technology must serve humans and not vice versa. Humans, with the help of algorithms, are at the center of our business model. Society is increasingly technology-oriented. Yet, there is still a strong demand for human interaction, as my daily dealings with consultants confirm.

A consultant's primary goal is to benefit from COMATCH as an additional project acquisition channel. However, they do not want to simply deal with a computer screen. They appreciate the human factor we offer: we listen, we support, we assist. Satisfied consultants are the core of our business. Even if technology helps us in our daily lives, frequent personal touch points with our consultants are extremely important. We listen and learn from them. Beyond identifying their expertise, we want to get to know them personally. This helps us to learn about their soft skills, their personality,  and allows us to connect them with high quality projects that meet their expectations. We further develop the relationship after the initial interview at our events or one-on-one interactions.

Knowing the network and the potential of our consultants is essential, but we also want to create a feeling of belonging. The consultants are our customers and should feel like a part of our community.

A winning relationship

Our objective at COMATCH is to create a win-win relationship for both clients and consultants. Understanding both the client’s needs and area of expertise as well as the expectations of our consultants helps us find the best possible match. Ideally, our clients are satisfied because they get the perfect project support while the consultants are happy to work on something that they are excited about. Ultimately, it's a mutually beneficial relationship.