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Why you don't need a Marketing Team anymore

IIt’s impossible for a team of any size to keep up with the rate at which the marketing landscape changes.

But isn’t that why we’re here? 

As marketers, we crave the thrill of the Now. We look for ever-changing ways to surprise and delight our audiences with the most accessible way to engage with our brands. That means a lot of change. And change means that your team not only needs strategic badassery to stay agile when the tides change, but an entire culture of readiness for the next big thing.

Your job as a marketing leader is to nurture your core business.
Let Malt’s community of 490 000+ freelancers help with the details.

This isn’t just an ebook – it’s the start of a conversation.

Adapt, then adapt again

YouTube was the first major user-generated video content brand to become a household name. As devices got more gadgety and added cameras, lighting and decent mics, other contenders like Instagram and Snapchat arrived; Vine flipped the whole formula and before the world knew what hit it, TikTok dance parties were the only way to reach Gen Z.


As a marketing leader you know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to your brand strategy. So how do you address the great debate: Specialists VS Generalists VS Reality?

As much as we’d all love it if AI could hurry up and advance to the point where it became a sentient, creative, freethinking machine that could whip up stunning marketing assets instantly and perfectly every time, the tech just isn’t there yet. 

Your hiring needs to address very specific problems every step of the way. Smooshing together long term strategic planning with knee-jerk tactical activity is the Holy Grail of Marketing. And, just like the Holy Grail, the perfect marketing probably doesn’t exist.

So do you let your projects flounder? Nope. 

At its gooey centre, marketing is a social science. So why skip the best part by limiting who you let your team work with? Keeping your strategy open to the possibility of change keeps it alive. The opportunity to engage with talented specialists, while keeping a core of flexible generalists, doesn’t have to be a juggling act. The only thing stopping you is choice. With over 200 000 marketing experts on Malt, all you need to do is pick your favourite freelance experts.

Marketing, à la carte

Marketing leadership across Europe has a pretty weird demographic makeup right now; with people at every stage of digital adoption in the position to steer brands, solutions to problems in the marketing industry need to be fully customisable. 

From younger marketing savants who’ve never known the world without wifi, all the way to Baby Boomers who still have Hotmail email addresses – marketing talent needs to be able to find a way of being relatable. 

But who do you turn to? A three-person startup won’t have the same needs as a global corporation. Are agency retainers the answer? Ad agencies can do amazing work, but often come with hefty price tags. 

Cue: Freelancers. 

The 5 major advantages freelance talent brings to a project:

For example, in France, the total cost of recruitment and integration amounts to 15-25% of the gross annual salary of a full-time employee. 

Decent marketing talent can feel rare as hens’ teeth, if you don’t know where to look. Malt’s community of 490 000+ freelancers means there’s a perfect partnership waiting for you.

Personalised services
You get to work directly with a marketing expert, instead of being lost in an ocean of anonymous avatars on a Google Doc, all contributing to a project at once.

Niche expertise
Taking time to hone specific skills means that freelancers are master-level marketers who can offer a new, outside perspective with fresh eyes.

Faster turnaround

Flexible with deadlines and availability means you’ll always know where your project is heading.

A Match Made on Malt

The flexibility of freelancing should work both ways. And let’s be honest, your brand is looking to pay for skills because you don’t have them, yourself. 

94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that the right culture at work is vital for success*, and if your brand doesn’t have the right formula, you’re going to struggle to get ahead and eventually be the magnet for brilliant talent you’re hoping to be. 

Freelancers typically charge lower rates than fully stacked agencies and are usually up for haggling to fit your budget. Plus, you get to skip the boring chain of command and have one-on-one chats with your expert. 

With major clients like L’Oréal and Figma, to agencies like HAVAS, we work with ambitious in-house teams and connect them with over 200 000 freelance marketing experts. We help you with quoting, invoicing, project management and making sure you can keep a list of the top freelancers for you to come back to again and again.

That ebook that makes it easy

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