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Rates for Agile Coach freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €784.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Agile Coach in London is €756, whereas in Manchester it's €643 and in725 it's €Birmingham.

Agile Coach: What this profession is all about

What is a freelance Agile Coach?

A real jack of all trades, the freelance Agile Coach is a project manager who is at the same time a guide, trainer, coach and consultant.

A multifaceted profession, an Agile Coach uses different project management methods such as Scrum and Kanban to support teams every step of the way.

Agile Coaches often work closely alongside the Product Manager, Project Manager, or Scrum Master.

All you need to know about freelance Agile Coaches

What does an Agile Coach do?

The Freelance Agile Coach, as the name suggests, is responsible for improving an organisation’s agility. ‘Agility’ refers to the Agile project management methods developed in the early 2000s, whose effectiveness in terms of time-to-market is now proven.

Agile methods allow for a shorter development time and a high level of responsiveness as they involve the end user from the very beginning. They aim to make the development process – particularly IT – more fluid through constant iteration and adaptation.

Agile Methods are most often used by startups but more and more traditional companies are also using them. The freelance Agile Coach allows companies of all sizes to be more responsive and therefore more competitive.

Remember, an Agile Coach is not a Scrum Master! The two are often confused and although they work toward a common goal, their roles are not quite the same.

The freelance Agile Coach is responsible for the agility of an organization as a whole. They can work with several teams, a department or an entire company. They define the roadmap of a company in the medium/long term – in contrast to a Scrum Master who manages a specific project and/or team. The freelance Agile Coach decides on the next steps, how they’ll be approached, what human resources will be allocated and how they’ll be integrated into the overall context of the organization.

The freelance Agile Coach provides support and expertise in the transition to an Agile operating model for the organization. They assess the situation and offer training and support to help companies do and think Agile. Less operational than a Scrum Master who applies a precise methodology, the Agile Coach has a more in-depth role within an organization. Their role is thus more strategic.

What services does a freelance Agile Coach offer?

As a driver of agility for companies, the freelance Agile Coach can work on a wide variety of projects.


The first step in working with a freelance Agile Coach is often – but not always – an assessment of how an entity, department or organization is functioning at an Agile level. This ‘agility assessment’ allows you to assess areas for improvement and to define your current and future needs. They typically carry it out on site, so that they can be immersed in your teams. A freelance Agile Coach can, for example, conduct interviews with key people in your organization to understand how they manage projects.


Once your needs have been clearly identified – by an external assessment or by yourself – a freelance Agile Coach will be able to assist you at different levels. An action plan will be formalized in order to improve your company’s agility, responsiveness and competitiveness.

Depending on your objectives, the freelance Agile Coach assist will assist you – you, your teams and managers – in formulating and implementing your high-priority projects and defining relevant Agile KPIs.

Supporting your teams with an Agile Coach may be either on a one-off or long-term basis.


You can also contact an Agile Coach on Malt to train your employees in Agile Methods. Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban and other practical applications of these methods allow your teams to become more efficient in the way they work. More than a specific process, it is about raising awareness, training and getting your team members to adhere to Agile values.

Thanks to Agile Coaches’ expertise, you can also train your Scrum Masters in new methods.

This training often takes the form of workshops that combine theoretical and practical aspects. The notion of play is also very present with serious games, which are fun and interactive.

How to choose a freelance Agile Coach?

Their experience

Most Agile methods are relatively new, dating back to 2001. Agile Coach is therefore a relatively new profession itself, whose definition and scope of action are sometimes difficult to define.

On Malt, you’ll find freelancers who are both Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters – freelancers who are experts in the strategy and application of Agile values.

However, the Agile Coach has several years of experience in applying these methods. They may have one or more certifications in this field and/or be self-taught, having learned through experience.

Their reputation

On Malt, end of project reviews are a guarantee of professionalism and reliability. You’ll be able to view a freelance Agile Coach’s rating out of 5 on their profile. You can also consult feedback left by their network to find out more about their skills and working methods.