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Information about Malt freelancers in United Kingdom

Percent of freelancers
male vs. female
Women: 28% Men: 72%
Searches on Malt
last month
Average freelancer rating
on Malt
4.76/5 Client satisfaction on Malt : 4.757952379045032/5

What is the average United Kingdom freelancer rate?

Malt is Europe's leading freelancing platform – the official home to over 21,588 freelance experts. They come from a variety of countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds – with the majority of them specializing in today's most in-demand digital fields. Generally speaking, the more experienced they are or the more qualifications they have under their belt, the higher their suggested daily rates will be.

To help make sense of this all, we use real-time data from Malt to provide our community with an accurate "daily rate" benchmark that both freelancers and clients can use as a reference point. Why does this matter?

  • If you're a freelancer, this will help you remain competitive compared to other professionals like yourself – based on your skills, experience level, education, certifications, location, and beyond.
  • If you're a client, this will help you determine the appropriate rates to pay freelancers for the types of projects you're proposing to them.

To see this data in action, select one of the job categories listed here followed by the specific role you're looking to hire in order to access detailed rate-related information (broken out by age, gender, city, experience level, and more!).

Number of freelancers on Malt over time

Today:21,588 freelancers

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