Average freelancer
ratesfor Strategy consultants

Average daily rate

based on the average rates for experienced Strategy consultants*


*active on Malt over the last 3 months

Average daily rateby level of experience

0-2 years of experience

Average rate :€401

3-7 years of experience

Average rate :€583

8-15 years of experience

Average rate :€784

15+ years of experience

Average rate :€1,143

Average daily rate for experienced freelancersby area of expertise on Malt

Average daily rate per city in United Kingdom on Malt

Area of expertise Average daily rate London Manchester Birmingham Bristol Brighton
Strategy consultants 784€ 820€ 655€ 594€ 765€ 822€
Business developers 641€ 680€ 495€ 549€ 702€ 685€

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