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Rates for Cloud Engineer freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €625.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Cloud Engineer in London is €546, whereas in Manchester it's €581 and in381 it's €Birmingham.

Cloud Engineer: What this profession is all about

What’s a Cloud Engineer?

A Cloud engineer is a specialist in the storage, management and security of data on virtual spaces outside of your company. Cloud Engineers assist their clients in developing the strategy to be deployed to create, manage and secure the information systems that will be delocalized on cloud computing platforms.

All you need to know about freelance Cloud Engineers

What does a freelance Cloud Engineer do?

Freelance Cloud Engineers are experts in cloud computing. This means that, if requested, they can utilize resources stored in the Cloud to create the infrastructure or platforms on which your applications are deployed (IaaS and PaaS) or use existing solutions as a service (SaaS). There are many benefits to using cloud computing for business. These include a reduction of costs associated with having an on-site server, very fast data access, excellent performance and a high level of security. Cloud Engineers can also help you choose the right Cloud Provider for your needs in an optimized way, taking into account business needs, budget, data localization limitations, etc. Freelance Cloud Engineers will guide you through this process and help you optimize the storage, migration and security of your data in the cloud.

How does a freelance Cloud Engineer work?

First, the freelance Cloud Engineer will define the needs of their client to determine which Cloud platform would be the most appropriate. They perform an audit to draw up a set of specifications that’ll determine the various actions to be carried out, taking into account user needs (access, security, etc.).

Once the project has been approved by the relevant departments, the freelance Cloud Engineer will take on either the creation of the infrastructure or platforms on which the applications are deployed (IaaS and PaaS) or the use of existing solutions as a service (SaaS). They must do their utmost to ensure the security of data during migration. If needed, they can pass on some of their skills to internal teams and train them in the use of the Cloud.

What skills do freelance Cloud Engineers have?

Freelance Cloud Engineers are well versed in the various Cloud computing solutions on the market (IaaS, PaaS, Saas and Serverless). They can recommend a particular platform to meet the needs of their clients (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Equinix, etc.). Their tasks require strong cybersecurity skills.

They may have skills in DevOps concepts such as containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), automation (Zapier) and CI/CD tools (GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins...).

Meticulous and well-organized, freelance Cloud Engineers are autonomous, but can also work in a team. Indeed, they often work alongside cloud architects, AWS cloud engineers, DevOps and system and network administrators, etc.

How to choose a freelance Cloud Engineer?

Want to call on the skills of a freelance Cloud Engineer? Here are our tips for choosing the right one to help you migrate your data.

Their specialization

Simply moving your data to a data center does not require the same skills as creating a cloud computing system. Depending on your situation, you may need a freelance Cloud Engineer who is familiar with a particular technology. Feel free to use different keywords in the search bar to find the right freelancer for your needs.

Their experience

In keeping with the previous tips, you’ll certainly feel more at ease if you call on a professional who’s already carried out a similar project. You’ll find lots of information about freelancers’ previous experience on their Malt profile. You’ll also be able to view reviews left by previous clients. These will give you an idea of how the projects went and should reassure you regarding freelancers’ performance.

Their rate

On freelance Cloud Engineers’ Malt profiles, you’ll be able to see the Average Day Rate they’ve set. Freelancers will send you a quote based on your project’s requirements.

Generally, freelance cloud engineers set their pricing in two ways:

Per project, which is often ideal for short projects that involve one or more tasks.

Hourly, based on how long the freelance cloud engineer needs to complete the project.