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Rates for Mobile Developer freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €414.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Mobile Developer in London is €358, whereas in Manchester it's €461 and in460 it's €Birmingham.

Mobile Developer: What this profession is all about

What is a Mobile App Developer?

A Mobile App Developer creates your applications, whether it’s an application that can only be accessed on a smartphone or the mobile version of a website. Depending on your requirements, they’ll be able to advise you on which language to use: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Swift, or any other technology required. On Malt, you can search for freelance Mobile App Developers by skill.

All you need to know about Mobile App Developers

What role does a Mobile App Developer have?

Mobile Developers are responsible for the technical production of applications designed for smartphones or tablets. With the help of a specification, often drawn up by a Web Project Manager, they develop all the features of a mobile application.

Mastering the specificities of programming and display on all mobile devices, they anticipate potential developments in technology and play a role in the testing phase.

They may also perform maintenance tasks on mobile applications, whether due to bugs or just to make improvements. This may be an application created by them or by someone else. they created or someone else’s.

Which Mobile App Developer should I work with for my project?

For an iOS or OS X application

To develop a mobile application for the iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll need a freelance developer specialized in Objective-C or Swift, developing with XCode.

For an Android application

Applications for the Google-managed operating system are usually developed by freelancers who are proficient in the Android SDK using Java.

For a Windows application

If you want to develop an app for a smartphone running on Microsoft’s operating system, look for a freelancer who knows the C# programming language.

For an application that works on all smartphones

You can, of course, look for a freelance Mobile Developer who can create a hybrid application, capable of running on all of the phones mentioned above. For this, we recommend you hire a freelance Mobile App Developer who understands Ionic, React-Native, Xamarin, Sencha Touch or Cordova.

How to brief a freelance Mobile App Developer?

For your collaboration with a freelance Mobile Developer to be a success, it is essential that you create a specification before the development phase.

These typically provide a general overview of your project, needs, context and target audience.… They must also  allow clearly specify the main features to be developed: messenger, payment system, forms, geolocation, etc.…

This essential document allows the Mmobile Ddeveloper to provide you with a quote that is as close as possible to your expectations and will serve as a guideline throughout the project. It defines the scope of the freelancer’s work and serves as the basis for all the back and forth between the various parties involved.

If you’re not a Web Project Manager, it may be worth calling on a web expert (Web Marketing Consultant, Project Manager, Developer, etc.) to write up the specification. Indeed, an inaccuracy or lack of information in your specification could be very costly to your project, both in terms of time and money!

How does a freelance Mobile App Developer work?

Freelance Mobile App Developers may work alone or with a team comprised of Mobile App Testers and Designers, UX Designers, Developers, Project Managers and Software Engineers, to name a few. In any case, they must regularly back up their work and be in daily contact with the client and/or the various departments in order to monitor the progress of the project, validate the features developed, report on any sticking points, suggest improvements, etc.

To facilitate this progress tracking, they may use a collaborative task management system shared with all project stakeholders. There are many offers (both free and paid) on the market: Trello, Jira, Asana, Taskworld… It’s up to you to choose the tool best suited to your needs and your project!

Finally, once the project has been approved, the Mobile App Developer gathers and writes all the documentation intended for the client and future developers who may be called upon to work on the application. This documentation should be as comprehensive as possible and will be very useful in case of bugs, future maintenance requirements, or improvements to be made!