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Rates for Game Designer freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €318.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Game Designer in London is €432, whereas in Manchester it's €508 and in380 it's €Birmingham.

Game Designer: What this profession is all about

What is a Video Game Designer?

Want to create a video game? You should hire a Game Designer. They define the concept and mechanics of the game as well as its gameplay. Their objective: to make the game as engaging as possible. Game Designers write the specifications for the game and follow its development in close collaboration with Sound Designers, Animators and Graphic Designers.

All you need to know about Game Designers

What does a Video Game Designer do?

Freelance Game Designers are at the heart of a video game’s design. They must provide the general direction of the game while making sure that the other members of the team (developers, designers, etc.) do not drift from it. As a result, Game Designers must write the game’s story and create convincing storytelling, come up with exciting game mechanics and develop engaging characters.

Freelance Game Designers are passionate about video games and are always looking for innovative concepts while still being able to pursue their ideas and vision.

Indeed, the primary aim of a freelance Game Designer is to entertain the player, whether by challenging them with clever puzzles and complicated challenges, or by impressing them with breathtaking landscapes and cutting-edge gameplay.

How does a freelance Game Designer work?

Whether graphic design, IT, or project management, game design experts must be able to master all the skills needed to create a video game. They must also take an interest in game mechanics as a whole, not just those of video games.

Their go-to software is Unity 3D/Unreal Engine;, the Adobe suite for Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and of course Microsoft Word and Powerpoint in order to be able to present their ideas clearly and efficiently. In addition to mastering this different software, they’ll also have to spend several hours per day researching in order to fuel their imagination and learn about the themes touched on by the video game they’re working on.

Being Aat the center of the team, freelance Game Designers must always work in close contact with developers, artists, and writers and the Project Manager. They may work remotely or at the client’s premises. However, whether they work from home or in the office, they’ll always need a very powerful computer, several screens, and, of course, a notebook and pencil!

How to choose a Freelance Game Designer?

It’s important to focus on several criteria when choosing a freelance Game Designer on Malt:

Their experience

Do they have experience in making ‘serious games’? What software have they already used? How big were the projects they’ve worked on so far? Are they able to work in a team of more than 10 people? What types of games have they already worked on? All these questions are worth asking before deciding whether or not to hire a freelance Game Designer. Indeed, a Game Designer with experience in indie platformers might not be the right fit if you’re seeking to create a 3D open world game with a team of 20 people. Don’t worry though, the perfect freelance Game Designer is out there waiting for your project proposal!

Their reputation

You can get an idea of the quality of a freelancer’s work by taking a look at their reviews. Left by clients at the end of a project, they’ll ensure that you only work with the best freelance Game Designers!

Their availability

You can find key information such as availability (full-time or part-time), location and place of work (remote or on your premises) on freelance Game Designers’ profiles. What’s more, you can use the filters to narrow down your search!