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Our first objective at Malt is to offer you the most suitable projects, according to your skills and ambitions, while taking into account your availability and your expertise.

Our teams exchange daily with companies and their decision-makers to put you in contact with them and save you time on prospecting.

At Malt, it is the projects that come to you! Clients have two options for finding freelancers who are likely to meet their needs:

A. Direct search

Thanks to the search engine, the project owner can consult the available freelancers’ profiles by entering keywords and then selecting different filters such as : main category of the freelancer, daily rate, language spoken, activity sector…

The terms used on your profile have a great role to play for your visibility in the search results.

The client can then contact you directly and start the exchange through your Malt messaging system. We will notify you that this potential client has seen your profile and has decided to write to you personally.

Then it’s up to you and your reactivity. Indeed, as long as you have not replied to the first message from a new project owner, your profile will no longer appear in the direct search. However, you will be able to receive opportunities via the project deposit.


B. The brief submission

The project owners can also entrust their search to Malt. The way it works is a bit different : the client will fill in the skills required for the project, the desired date and duration, the location of the project (or home office), the estimated budget (which can be concealed by the client) and the brief.

Malt will then find the corresponding freelancers and send you the opportunity if you tick all the boxes.

It is then up to you to accept or decline the offer! Your response time and the fact that you answer, even in the negative, allows you to improve your visibility on Malt.

When the client searches directly for a profile on Malt, we suggest that they submit the same brief to other freelancers in order to find the talent who can accompany them on their project and thus increase the total number of opportunities transmitted to freelancers.

In addition, this option offers more diversity because all interested profiles can apply, without pre-filtering or client bias. This allows us to introduce them to freelancers that they might not have found on their own.

Whether it’s a direct search or a project submission, your profile remains your key asset. The more you complete it with the right keywords that characterize you, the greater your chances of receiving assignment opportunities.

Your activity is also very important to boost your visibility : you just have to accept or decline each new proposal.