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You have created your account on Malt, your profile is complete, and you’ve just received the long-awaited email "New message from ...". A new message means a new opportunity for you!

So, how should you respond? How long does it take? Should I say yes to everything? Can I afford to say no? These are all questions that all freelancers ask themselves when starting. Don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know 👇


Responding to an opportunity on Malt step by step

  • 1 - Make sure your legal documents are up to date on Malt.

  • 2 - Reply to the opportunity - or decline.

  • 3 - Introduce yourself, ask questions, and organize a first interaction (by phone or video, for example).

  • 4 - Write up a detailed quote and send it through Malt.

  • 5 - Wait for the client to validate the quote through Malt and get ready for your mission (if applicable).

  • 6 - You’ve followed all the steps; now it's time to get started. On your marks, get set, and go!

Don't forget to check your legal documents on Malt

There’s one more important step to ensure you receive your payment. Go to your Malt profile and check that your legal documents are up to date, especially your certificate of vigilance. As a freelancer, you’re responsible for proving to Malt that you have paid your social security contributions. It only takes a minute! So, start with this step for complete peace of mind. 

Use the Malt messaging system to reply quickly

Reply to keep my stats up!

It’s important to reply to all the clients who contact you on Malt with new opportunities. If you do it right, you’ll gain visibility on the platform. You don't need to go into detailed explanations in the first message: you can thank the client for contacting you and tell him you’ll study their request. Your response time is displayed on your profile, which can make a difference when a client is in a hurry and has to choose between contacting you or someone else.


Can I afford to say no?

Be careful. This does not mean that you have to say yes to everything. Far from it! But it’s in your best interest to each new proposal, whether with a positive or a negative answer. Your answer is crucial to the client's decision and can make a difference. So, choose your words carefully. Put some thought into your interactions, especially the first one.


You can decline an offer if you’re unavailable, do not have all the required skills, or if the proposal doesn’t suit you. It's straightforward: click on "Decline." Declining an offer on malt has no impact on your visibility. You can even anonymously indicate the reason for your refusal, which will help us qualify your proposals better.

Take the time to understand your client’s needs

The Malt platform's messaging system is a secure exchange space ideal for discussing your client's expectations and his project. Take the time to get to know your new client and understand their issues. Keep sight of the human aspect of the customer relationship. As a freelancer, you probably appreciate being able to choose the people you work with. Now is the time to take advantage of it!

We don’t recommend sending a quote as a first reply to a client request. First, It’s better to send a few messages back and forth to highlight your skills, to show your professionalism and your motivations, and better to understand the client’s problems and their working methods, to provide a quote that meets both of your expectations.

Some freelancers even prepare short videos to present their professional experience regarding clients' needs, work methods, examples of completed assignments, or references from satisfied clients. Others prepare a short presentation with a link to a portfolio, for example. Whatever your preferred format, this is the time to show interest in the client's project. By phone or video to get a better sense of their expectations. Depending on your situation, prepare a list of questions about the company's needs, the project timeline, or the format of the deliverables.

Send a quote with the details of your rates

Once you’ve had a good chat with the client and understand their requests and expectations, it is time to prepare a quote. This step should always be done on Malt to take make the most of the short payment terms, in most cases within 10 working days.

A common mistake among new freelancers is to give more detail in the initial quote. For example, it’s not enough to write that you’re simply going to  « develop a web page » for a client. On the contrary, take the time to specify as many elements as possible: where is your web page, what technology you will use, over what period of time, etc.

Your estimate serves as a framework for your entire mission. It’s essentially a contract between you and your client. All the details are essential. You’ll want to specify the services you provide for the mission, the estimated time frame, and your rate for each task. You can review the quote with the client to adjust certain elements. Depending on the nature of the job, it’s a good idea to give your client another call and present your quote, answer any questions they may have, and clarify anything that’s not included in your quote.

Once your quote has been sent via Malt, please wait for the client to validate it before starting. Please note that with a pre-paid job, you must wait for the client to credit the job to Malt before starting. Keep an eye on your Malt messaging system: you’ll receive a message in your client’s chat letting you know when to begin.


Following these first steps on Malt will allow you to provide a positive experience for you and your client. Put all the chances on your side by answering requests ASAP and making sure to detail your answers and quotes. The next step? Just go for it! Once this first mission is over, remember to follow up with your client by asking him for a review. This will allow you to gain visibility, and why not become a Super Malter? 🚀