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Discover how freelancing is fueling future AI skills and learn applicable AI strategies to drive business success. Read on to know:

  • How to build impactful AI strategies and avoid the “FOMO” effect of new technologies

  • Statistics about the current state and trends surrounding important skills and job categories in AI

  • Perspectives from clients, independent talents and external experts in the field of AI

  • Data about adoption of AI by company industry and size

  • Characteristics of typical AI projects and AI freelancers

  • Use cases for holistic deployment of AI: from developing an AI strategy to maintaining and iterating an AI tool

Driving efficiency across industries: the surge in AI projects focused on automation

Companies are increasingly turning to AI to enhance efficiency, with project demand for Tech & Data growing by 70% between 2022 and 2024. Currently, most companies focus on automation to streamline processes, which is reflected in the top three industries requesting projects: Software (11%), Education (10%), and High Tech (9%). Read more to find out which other industries are turning out to be early adopters of AI-based automation.

second visual extract of Malt's Trends report on AI

Beyond coding: the rise of multidisciplinary AI experts

The rise of AI is driving a significant shift in the talent landscape within corporations. This past year, all industries within their study saw internal AI talent pools grow, with some sectors like Banking experiencing a surge of 44%. However, managing costs while competing for a limited pool of AI talent is a challenge. Learn how a ‘multidisciplinary approach’ can fuel business success.

third visual extract of Malt's Trends report on AI

The freelance spark: igniting AI adoption 

Skilled freelancers are the sparks that enable and foster AI adoption for businesses – and make it last. While companies navigate the AI curve cautiously, independent experts have embraced it more rapidly. Discover concrete use cases for how various companies are relying on freelance talent to develop and deploy AI solutions.

AI goes beyond new capabilities for companies. It empowers us to finally tackle neglected tasks and improve existing ones.

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Rodolphe Marinier

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