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Companies are from Mars, freelancers are from Venus, ebook by Malt

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What you will find in this guide:

  • Practical and easily actionable advice 
  • Testimonials from freelancers
  • Feedback from companies
  • A quiz to test how you rate in our freelancer-company collaboration best-practices

As highly qualified experts, freelancers bring valuable skills to the table - ranging from areas like tech and data, to marketing or design.Their level of expertise often means they’re picky - many of them only want to work on projects and within organizations that make them feel fulfilled and part of the team.

Thanks to the thoughts of 124 independent consultants and the feedback of more than 20 international companies, Malt is proud to present our first guide to maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship between freelancers and companies.

Eight years of working with over 310,000 freelancers and 40,000 clients means Malt also knows a thing or two about this topic! We believe we’re uniquely positioned to provide insights into the best-practices you should care about when it comes to working with freelancers. 

You must remember that the freelancer won't be available to you at all times and keep in mind that they’re likely also working with other companies, on other projects at the same time. You have to find a balance in the relationship and be flexible on the project planning: having regular check-ins allows you to realign.

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Amandine Pacaud

Digital and E-commerce Manager - France Boissons

10 practical tips, all easily actionable and illustrated, for successful projects together.

Tip n°1: The project framework and brief

The brief, or requirements document, aims to both attract the best freelancers and ensure that the working relationship gets off to the best possible start.
It ensures there is alignment between both parties and an understanding on both sides of what the project will involve. While putting together a project brief may sound simple, the process can be difficult in reality. Check out in this guide our checklist of the key points for creating a strong brief.

Tip N°2: A selection process designed for freelancers

To work with the best freelance consultants, companies need to be responsive throughout the selection process. After all, freelancers are self-employed: if they don't work, they don't get paid. Decisions therefore need to be made quickly since the nature of freelancing means they cannot afford to wait too long before signing a contract with a client. 

Tip N°3: Sharing the high-level vision and the company culture

Freelancers don’t need to memorize the organizational chart or objectives for the next 10 years. It is however important that freelancers know about the company vision.  

Explore more tips on how to ensure successful freelancer-company collaboration in this guide.