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Rates for CRM Consutlant freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €575.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a CRM Consutlant in London is €438, whereas in Manchester it's €449 and in400 it's €Birmingham.

CRM Consutlant: What this profession is all about

What’s a CRM Consultant?

Freelance CRM (Client Relationship Management) Consultants are experts in customer relationship enhancement tools. Their marketing skills and mastery of IT systems and data analysis allow them to provide sales and marketing teams with valuable insights into the best strategies to implement. If your customer relations need some improvement, then freelance CRM Consultants are the ones to call. On Malt, you’ll find the crème de la crème and we’ll give you all the information you need to choose the right one for your needs.

All you need to know about freelance CRM Consultants

What does a CRM Consultant do?

Freelance CRM Consultants are customer journey specialists. The aim of their work is to improve customer retention via different strategies. In particular, they use CRM tools to identify consumer trends, habits and needs. Their role is therefore to provide a comprehensive analysis that’ll enable Marketing Project Managers to adopt the best strategy. By placing customer relations at the heart of everything they do, the company can stand out from the competition. There is thus every reason to hire a freelance CRM Consultant.

How does a freelance CRM Consultant work?

First, the freelance CRM Consultant will carry out an in-depth analysis of the various areas of your company. They will study your products and services, your target customers, the market and the supply chain. With the help of their CRM tools, they’ll be able to tap into a large amount of crucial data and be able to provide guidelines for the marketing and sales teams to improve areas of weakness. Fortunately, they are used to working alongside Marketing Consultants, Communication Managers, Growth Marketers, and others working in these departments.

If not already in place, they can set up tracking solutions to help you better understand customers’ navigation on your website. Analyzing your customers’ behavior is one of their strengths. With the data they collect, they will share their suggestions for your retention campaigns. The freelance CRM Consultant can also offer to train your teams in the use of CRM tools. As part of a long-term collaboration, they provide regular reports on the strategies developed with a view to continuous improvement.

Some freelancers with more technical backgrounds may even get involved in the choice of CRM tools and their configuration. They will be able to assist you in the building and segmentation of databases.

What skills does a CRM Consultant have?

As the name suggests, the CRM Consultant is a specialist in information systems management software. There are many different solutions, but the most commonly used ones include:

  • Axonaut
  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot
  • Agile CRM
  • Zendesk

With a marketing-oriented profile, the CRM Consultant also has good skills in data analysis and IT in general. They must also be able to translate the figures into reports that can be understood by their clients’ teams. This is why freelance CRM Consultants generally require good analytical skills. They keep abreast of the latest business and marketing news and keep a close eye on the market to ensure that they always come up with effective strategies.

How to choose a freelance CRM Consultant?

If you want to improve your customer relations and your reviews on Google or TrustPilot, the freelance CRM Consultant is the professional you need. Here are our tips to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Their experience

The strategic role and involvement in the growth of the company make freelance CRM Consultants fairly important. Given the strong marketing dimension in their work, it is preferable that they have a good knowledge of the market in which your company is positioned. So be sure to check if they already have experience in your sector.

Their reputation

Malt freelancers build a reputation thanks to clients’ end of project reviews. These give potential clients an overview of how their projects went and help them to get an idea of how a particular freelancer works. Feel free to consult the feedback to help you choose the perfect freelancer for building customer loyalty.