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Rates for Public Relations Consultant freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €459.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Public Relations Consultant in London is €436, whereas in Manchester it's €407 and in325 it's €Birmingham.

Public Relations Consultant: What this profession is all about

Freelance PR consultant rates

The average day rate for experienced freelancers is £311.

Freelancer day rates vary depending on the city they’re located in. For example, the ADR of a PR consultant in London is £356, while in Leeds it is £313 and in Edinburgh £273.

What is a PR consultant?

PR consultants serve as a company’s spokesperson to the media. They provide information to journalists to improve the visibility of a brand or an event. Their mission: to convince journalists to relay the information so that the general public can learn more. PR consultants have lots of connections in the press.

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All you need to know about PR consultants

What does a PR consultant do?

Public relations consultants, or PR specialists, are the brand’s spokesperson to the press: TV, print, radio, web… In close contact with journalists, their job consists of collecting the most relevant information and ensuring that it is properly relayed to the target audience.

They must tailor their communication to the client’s sector. After all, you don’t address a business journalist in the same way as an influential food blogger! They decide on the best angles to attract target audiences and know the characteristics of each media outlet to ensure that the information is picked up by journalists.

It’s worth noting that in recent years, freelance PR work has changed significantly due to the emergence of social networks. Indeed, a new type of influencer (bloggers, Instagrammers, etc.) has disrupted the traditional journalistic model and is offering a new, more personalised way of relating to consumers.

What are the services provided by PR Consultants?

Writing press releases

One of the most common tools of PR Consultants is the traditional press release. It typically presents news in a way that is appealing to the media, and includes a presentation of the company. It is an essential document for any journalist who wants to cover a story with as much information as possible.

During the writing process, the PR consultant can call on a photographer and/or a graphic designer to visually highlight the information they deliver.

Organising press events

PR consultants can also create real events by inviting journalists and influencers to discuss a particular news item. These events can take the form of press conferences, breakfasts, dinners, special events, etc.

They also take care of inviting journalists and influencers, booking spaces, coordinating service providers, etc. During these events, they often act as a spokesperson, speaking on behalf of their client and answering questions from the press.

Developing a network of journalists and influencers

For effective day-to-day management of press relations, the freelance PR consultant puts together a file with the most relevant journalists and influencers to contact based on the client’s needs. A valuable document that must be kept up to date and is unique to each PR consultant!

Conducting press reviews

In order to measure the impact of press activities, PR consultants collate all the press coverage of their client: articles, audio/video reports, social media mentions, etc.

More than a simple compilation of articles, a press review also makes it possible to document the positive or negative feelings of those contacted during the PR campaign by collecting data such as quotes, opinions, email discussions, etc.

How to choose a freelance PR consultant

Freelance PR consultant's references and specialisations

Take a look at the type of companies the freelance PR Consultant has worked with. Some are specialised in a particular sector (entertainment, technology, business, etc.) or type of communication (corporate, crisis, etc.).

Freelance PR consultant's reputation

Clients leave reviews at the end of each project. That way, you can get a clear idea of the quality of the freelancers’ work.

Freelance PR consultant's level of experience

This is obviously an important factor when choosing any freelancer. Remember that the more years of experience a PR Consultant has, the wider their network!