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Rates for Communication Consultant freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €453.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Communication Consultant in London is €497, whereas in Manchester it's €426 and in403 it's €Birmingham.

Communication Consultant: What this profession is all about

Freelance communications specialist rates

The average day rate for experienced freelancers is £311.

Freelancer day rates vary depending on the city they’re located in. For example, the ADR of a communications consultant in London is £356, while in Leeds it is £313 and in Edinburgh £273.

What’s a communications specialist?

Communications specialists help you develop your communications plan: determining objectives and problems, planning, budget and means of implementation. Freelance communications specialists offer fresh insight and help you make the best decisions for your project.

All you need to know about communications specialists

What does a communications specialist do?

Freelance communications specialists can support their clients in a variety of areas:

  • They may be called upon to develop a communication strategy, by fully grasping the brand universe and its characteristics.
  • They may also work on project management in line with the company’s strategy. To do this, they must take into account the characteristics of each communication medium: print, web, social media, TV, radio, press, events, etc.
  • Lastly, they’re in charge of managing the communications budget and creating reports to measure the impact of their work.
  • Their scope of work can be very wide: web communications, press relations, corporate communications, crisis communications, etc. They may also specialise in a specific field and focus their efforts on a particular medium, for example.

What services are offered by communications specialists?

Development of a communications strategy

Freelance communication specialists can develop the brand’s communications strategy, in line with the brand platform. They will clearly outline the brand’s values, missions and positioning.

The aim is to develop a roadmap that’ll be used to identify concrete actions towards specific, measurable and time-bound objectives.

To do this, the communications specialist may have to carry out a market analysis and an analysis of the brand’s target audience beforehand. A benchmark is also needed to take into account the reality of the market.

Project management

To monitor the progress of the actions to be implemented, the communication specialist will draw up a reverse schedule. This essential document allows you to plan all communication and promotional operations over a given period (usually a year).

Next, the freelance communication specialist may need to coordinate and formalise the actions with the help of a set of specifications. This document serves as a reference for the client and the freelancer throughout the project. It outlines the process as well as the characteristics, challenges, objectives and KPIs. A useful tool for all professionals working on the project. In the case of a developer for example, specifications allow them to know which features to develop, or the objectives of a given page…

They also manage the entire creative process (graphic designers, copywriters, etc.) as well as the technical process (printers, web developers, etc.) with service providers, both inside and outside the company. They centralise information, oversee back and forth between the actors (decision makers and implementers) and deal with any unforeseen issues. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with deadlines and the budget.

Measure impact

Lastly, they must measure and analyse the impact of actions. This work allows them to ensure that the objectives, defined upstream of the project in the specifications, were met: web traffic, press coverage, number of visitors in store, etc. They need to identify the right metrics to assess the relevance and cost effectiveness of their services.

How to brief freelance communications specialists?

When you contact a freelance communication specialist on Malt, make sure to gather all the information that’ll allow them to get a feel for the company’s identity: useful links, company background, organisational chart, sales brochures, graphics, etc.

Also include a clear description of your company, objectives and culture. You can draft it with all those involved in your company’s strategy to ensure that the same communication vision is held throughout the company. In this way, you also ensure that the freelance communication specialist has all the necessary information for their review.

Finally, inform them of your deadlines whether regarding a new product release, business anniversary, or key moment of the year in your sector… By providing specifics beforehand, you’ll be sure there are no unexpected delays.