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Rates for Marketing Consultant freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €500.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Marketing Consultant in London is €522, whereas in Manchester it's €419 and in458 it's €Birmingham.

Marketing Consultant: What this profession is all about

On this page, you’ll learn what is a marketing consultant and how to hire one.

What is a freelance marketing consultant?

Freelance marketing consultants offer their expertise to companies to help them develop their marketing strategy. They provide solutions to the problems of acquiring and retaining new customers. Their marketing skills and creativity allow them to implement a strategy that sets their clients apart from their competition. Experts in digital technology and highly versatile, their impact is decisive in the growth of the company. Need a freelance marketing consultant to boost your lead generation? The best ones are found on Malt! Here’s how to choose between them.

What does a freelance marketing consultant do?

A freelance marketing consultant is a professional who offers specialized guidance and services to businesses seeking to enhance their marketing efforts. They assess a client's existing marketing strategies, conduct market research, and provide tailored recommendations to improve brand visibility, customer engagement, and overall marketing effectiveness. These consultants often assist with various aspects of marketing, including strategic planning, digital marketing, content creation, advertising, and campaign management, aligning their services with the unique needs of each client.

What services are offered by freelance marketing consultants?

Freelance marketing consultants provide a wide array of services to support businesses in achieving their marketing goals. These services encompass market research, the development of comprehensive marketing strategies, the management of digital marketing efforts, content creation, advertising campaign oversight, email marketing, brand development and positioning, marketing analytics, market entry strategies, and the implementation of marketing automation tools and processes. These consultants tailor their services to address the specific requirements and objectives of their clients, leveraging their expertise to enhance marketing effectiveness and contribute to business success.

What skills do marketing consultants have?

Freelance marketing consultants generally come from business school and have already proven themselves in a start-up, a large corporation or a communications agency.

Freelance marketing consultants have numerous skills. They are naturally comfortable with traditional marketing methods and concepts. Freelance marketing consultants have an affinity for digital technology and have a good knowledge of growth marketing. They effortlessly combine inbound and outbound marketing to enhance lead generation. They have solid skills in SEO, SEA, and social media management. They are proficient in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Business Manager, services that help them to set up and monitor their campaigns. The use of CRM software allows them to improve customer relationship management.

Freelance digital marketing consultants are both creative and methodical. To be successful in their marketing strategies, they need to have good writing skills (content and newsletters) and good business knowledge. As far as soft skills are concerned, freelance marketing consultants show leadership, even if projects are not always long-term. They fit in well with their clients’ team members and are organised, meticulous and proactive.

How to choose a freelance Marketing Consultant?

Freelance marketing consultants can assist you for many different types of projects. Their role will vary according to your needs (creation of a new product, direct marketing, customer retention, generation of qualified leads, etc.). Here are our tips for finding the right freelance marketing consultant for your needs.

Hire marketing consultants with experience

While freelance marketing consultants should be given as much information as possible about your company’s context and philosophy, it’s important that they’re able to understand the challenges linked to your project. This is why it’s best to choose someone that already has experience in your sector. An in-depth knowledge of the market is an asset that’ll save time and make your consultant more efficient.

Hire marketing consultants with good communication

The selected freelance marketing consultant may be required to assist you on a long-term basis. It’s important that communication between you is smooth. You need to ensure from your first discussion that they’ll fit in well with your marketing and sales teams.

Review the marketing consultant’s reputation

Freelance marketing consultants’ Malt profiles allow you to get an idea of their career path. You’ll be able to view their portfolio, the companies they may have worked for as an employee before becoming self-employed and reviews of projects carried out on the platform. An indispensable overview that’ll help you to make your decision.

How to hire a freelance marketing consultant?

Hiring a freelance marketing consultant involves a series of strategic steps. First, define your specific marketing objectives and project scope, including your budget and timeline. Then, explore freelancing platforms or specialized directories to find potential candidates. Review their profiles and portfolios to assess their experience and past projects, and conduct interviews to discuss their approach and strategies.

Don't forget to check references to gather feedback on their reliability and work quality. Negotiate rates and contract terms, ensuring clarity on deliverables, timelines, and communication preferences. Look for effective communication skills, industry-specific knowledge, and a consultant who understands your brand and target audience. Additionally, consider their availability and flexibility to meet your project needs. Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a consultant with whom you feel confident about achieving your marketing goals.