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Rates for Content Manager freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €368.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Content Manager in London is €360, whereas in Manchester it's €355 and in301 it's €Birmingham.

Content Manager: What this profession is all about

All you need to know about hiring freelance content managers:

What is a content manager?

Content managers are responsible for the quality of all the publications a company makes via its various communication media. They supervise and coordinate the different teams and manage the creation of different publications (magazines, books, web articles). Content marketers must check all texts and carry out press proofs.

What does a Content Manager do?

Content managers have the heavy responsibility of overseeing all the editorial content (web or print) of a company. From content writing to proofreading to translation, they are supported by the editorial team to ensure that all releases can be published. Freelance content managers may be commissioned for a specific task or for all communication media such as: Websites, Social media, Newsletters, Press, Flyers, leaflets or posters.

They can also handle printing and the logistics involved. Freelance content managers may work for a wide variety of clients. Large companies, press agencies and public services frequently use their services. Also known as Content Marketing Consultants, their role is essential to the communication strategy of the company. They define the editorial line and the brand image depends on their services.

What services are offered by freelance Content Managers?

The role of the freelance content manager will depend on the needs of the company and their communication media. An SME does not deploy the same resources as a large group and their presence on the web will be more limited, but in general, they begin by defining a relevant editorial line with their clients. The editorial line is crucial, as this is what helps retain the audience’s attention.

To ensure that the various communication stakeholders understand the guidelines, freelance content managers may need to draw up an editorial charter. It must be clear and allow editors to get a good grasp of the values to be conveyed when creating content. If necessary, freelance content managers can also create the briefs that’ll be sent to the external service providers and internal teams.

As the editorial strategy is defined, the freelance content manager sets up a schedule. This helps you become more organized and ensure that content is published regularly, guaranteeing optimal visibility for the company. They must also manage the budget allocated to the creation and distribution of content.

The freelance content manager’s objective is to highlight the quality of the company’s services or products through their various tasks. Their content must increase the company’s visibility, particularly through SEO (search engine optimization) and social media. Finally, their good marketing practices allow them to maximize the provision of qualified leads that will be converted into customers.

What skills do freelance Content Managers have?

To be able to define a consistent editorial line, freelance content managers must fully understand the values and the marketing strategy of the company they work for. Their writing skills are excellent and they have a very good general knowledge in order to produce relevant content with high added value. They understand SEO fundamentals and know how to use simple tools such as Google Analytics and SemRush to analyze traffic and define the content strategy.

In addition to marketing and communication skills, freelance content managers must be meticulous and well-organized. This allows them to manage the writing team, the community manager and to respect the planning and budget allocated to their assignment.

Some freelance content managers specialize in digital technology, while others are more versatile and possess print skills. Both web and print skills are therefore a major asset, especially for large companies that communicate via different media.

How to choose a freelance content manager

Are you looking for that rare gem that’ll coordinate all your content? Here are some tips on how to choose the right freelance content manager for your needs.

Freelance content manager's experience

Each freelance content manager has a different approach to content creation. You’ll need to look at the experience of the freelancers you’re interested in to see if they’ll be a good fit for your company. One or more experiences in your sector is a clear asset, but it’s worth noting that content managers are creative and adaptable people. They are able to highlight the values of a company regardless of the sector.

Freelance content manager's rate

On Malt, freelancers set their own Average Day Rate (ADR) to give clients an idea of the cost of their services. A content manager’s rate may be based on the time spent on the project or on the deliverable in the case of a short-term service.

Freelance content manager's reputation

Hiring a freelancer to manage your content is a matter of reputation for the company. It is essential that they’re able to ensure good visibility and promote your company’s values. For this, you’ll need to call on a skilled freelancer. You can view freelancers’ portfolios and also reviews left by previous clients. They should be taken into account when choosing your contractor as they give you a good idea of their reliability.