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Rates for Project Manager freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €569.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Project Manager in London is €573, whereas in Manchester it's €562 and in610 it's €Birmingham.

Project Manager: What this profession is all about

In this article, you’ll gain insight into the project manager profession, its core responsibilities, and how their role has an impact on diverse projects and organisations. Let’s deep dive into this crucial job.

What is a freelance project manager?

A freelance project manager is a self-employed professional who specialises in overseeing and coordinating projects for various clients or organisations. They are hired to plan, execute, and complete projects efficiently while adhering to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. Freelance project managers often work independently, offering their expertise in project planning, team management, risk assessment, and communication to ensure successful project outcomes. They may work on a wide range of projects, from software development and marketing campaigns to event planning, providing flexibility and expertise to clients without always the need for a long-term employment commitment.

What does a freelance project manager do?

Project managers, as the name suggests, handle the implementation of a project, from its creation to its final validation. For this they must carry out several tasks:

Project managers, as the name suggests, handle the implementation of a project, from its creation to its final validation. For this, they must carry out several tasks:

Freelance project managers must know the field of the project inside out: What is the competitive landscape? Who is the target audience?

They must get to know their team, know how to brief them, and make them want to be involved in the project. To achieve this, they must be a real driving force for the team.

A project manager must also have a solid technical background in order to be able to communicate effectively with the various members of their team such as developers, graphic designers, integrators, etc.

They are also responsible for the schedule: they set the deadlines and must ensure that they are met, making sure that each team member finishes the tasks assigned.

In addition, project managers need to have good public speaking skills to lead regular meetings with different stakeholders. These are useful for verifying the progress of the project and for communicating with the client.

Finally, freelance project managers must be able to apply the most used management methods, namely the V-model but also agile methods, such as SCRUM, in order to improve the fluidity between team members and to accelerate the project considerably. Experienced project managers are often trained and certified in agile methods and can also be found on Malt as Agile Project Management coaches or even more specifically as SCRUM Masters.

What are some freelance project manager jobs?

Here are some types of project manager jobs:

Freelance technical project managers

Freelance technical project managers are independent professionals with expertise in managing complex technical projects. They oversee software development, hardware installations, or IT infrastructure upgrades. These freelancers bring their technical knowledge to ensure projects are completed efficiently, within budget, and meet the specified technical requirements.

Freelance digital project manager

Freelance digital project managers specialise in coordinating digital initiatives, including web development, online marketing campaigns, and content creation projects. They are responsible for planning, executing, and delivering digital projects successfully. These experts can work remotely, leveraging their skills in digital technologies and project management to meet clients' digital goals.

Freelance web project managers

Freelance web project managers are experts in managing website development projects. They oversee tasks like website design, content creation, and user experience optimization. They collaborate a lot with different experts such as product managers, UX or UI consultants. These freelancers ensure that web projects are delivered on time, meet design and functionality standards, and align with the client's digital strategy.

Freelance virtual project managers

Freelance virtual project managers manage a wide range of projects remotely. They may work in various industries, including IT, marketing, or business operations, coordinating tasks and teams from a distance. These professionals excel in communication and use digital tools to ensure project success while working independently.

Freelance implementation project managers

Freelance implementation project managers specialise in overseeing the execution and integration of new systems or processes within an organisation. They ensure that implementations are smooth, meet objectives, and align with the company's goals. These freelancers play a critical role in guiding businesses through transitions and changes effectively.

Freelance design project managers

Freelance design project managers focus on managing creative projects, such as graphic design, branding, or multimedia production (video, podcasts, etc.). They coordinate the design process, from conceptualization to final delivery, ensuring that designs align with the client's vision and meet quality standards. These freelancers possess a blend of design sensibility and project management skills to deliver visually captivating results.

How does a freelance project manager work?

Freelance project managers can work from home and at the client’s premises. In both cases, they must be in constant contact with their team. Projects are often several months long, from the design of the project to its final validation. They can even be extended after the launch to allow for follow-up.

In order to effectively monitor the progress of the project, freelance project managers use tools to share remaining tasks with their team. These tools allow for transparency throughout the project, as well as assigning tasks and giving precise deadlines for each task. The best known include Trello, Basecamp, Gantt, and Asana…

Freelance project managers must help their client define their needs in order to draw up precise specifications. Once this essential step has been completed, they’ll estimate the budget needed and distribute tasks between the different departments/team members depending on the size of the project. On this specific budget aspect, you can also hire a freelancer expert in PMO (project management office). Lastly, they assess the risks and issues to be taken into account throughout the project. They must also have researched the field of the project and be actively monitoring it throughout the project.

How to choose a freelance project manager?

It’s important to focus on several criteria when choosing a freelance project manager on Malt:

What is a project manager’s experience level?

Depending on the projects they’ve already completed, they may be used to working in different sectors (banking and insurance, health, real estate, etc.) or on different types of projects (mobile apps, websites, in-house software, etc.). Look at their previous experience to see if they’re the right project manager for you.

What is a project manager’s availability?

Availability is always indicated, both in the search options, as well as on freelance project managers’ profiles. You’ll be able to see whether they’re available full time and whether they’re fully remote or not. Take this into account to help narrow your search.

The methodologies they’re skilled in

If your teams are used to working in ‘sprints’ with the SCRUM method, make sure that the freelancer you choose is skilled in it! If they’re not but the rest of their profile seems like a good fit, why not get in touch? They might be the perfect freelancer for your project!