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Rates for Translator freelancers

The average daily rate of experienced freelancers is €237.

The daily rate varies based on a freelancer's location. For example, the average daily rate of a Translator in London is €317, whereas in Manchester it's €296 and in287 it's €Birmingham.

Translator: What this profession is all about

Translators help people understand and communicate in different languages (at least two) by converting written or spoken content accurately. They use their understanding of grammar, vocabulary, cultural nuances, and context to ensure that the translation conveys the intended message effectively. They can be employed to translate various types of content such as books, medical reports but they can also be website text and more. Often, translators are also copywriters and they can even be communication freelancers.

What is a freelance translator?

Translators, as the name suggests, translate different texts from one language into another. They adapt expressions and stylistic devices as best they can so as not to alter the tone of the text. On Malt, you can search for a translator by language pair: French - Spanish, French - English, French - Chinese, etc.

What are some examples of translation jobs?

Translation jobs encompass a wide range of fields and industries, catering to various linguistic needs. Here are some examples:

Literary Translation

Literary translators translate novels, poems, and other literary works to bring them to a broader audience in different languages while preserving the author's style and tone.

Legal Translation

Legal translators work on legal documents, contracts, and court transcripts to ensure that legal information is accurately conveyed across languages, which is crucial for international law.

Medical Translation

Medical translators specialise in translating medical records, research papers, and pharmaceutical documents, ensuring that medical information is accurately communicated to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.

Technical Translation

Technical translators handle technical manuals, product descriptions, and engineering documents, ensuring that complex technical information is accessible and understandable for global users.

Website Localization

Website translators adapt websites for international audiences, considering cultural nuances and language preferences to make the content relevant and appealing.

Freelance Arabic translator

A freelance Arabic translator is an independent professional who translates content from Arabic to other languages and vice versa. They may work on a variety of projects, such as translating business documents, marketing materials, websites, or literature. Freelancers often enjoy flexibility in choosing their assignments and work hours.

Freelance French translator

Freelance French translators specialise in translating between French and other languages. They may work on projects like translating legal contracts, product descriptions, academic texts, or even subtitles for films. Freelancers have the freedom to select projects that align with their expertise and interests.

Freelance Spanish translator

Freelance Spanish translators provide translation services between Spanish and other languages. They can work on a diverse range of projects, including translating medical reports, travel guides, legal documents, and e-commerce websites. Freelancers have the advantage of controlling their work schedules and client base.

Freelance Japanese translator

Freelance Japanese translators specialise in translating content to and from Japanese. They may work on projects involving video game localization, technical manuals, manga, or business documents. Freelancing allows them to choose projects that cater to their language proficiency and subject matter knowledge.

Freelance mandarin translator

Freelance Mandarin translators focus on translating materials between Mandarin Chinese and other languages. Their projects may include translating marketing materials, academic papers, e-commerce product listings, or subtitles for Chinese films. Freelancers have the flexibility to manage their workload and clients according to their skills and preferences.

What does a freelance translator do?

Freelance translators are usually hired by communication managers, content managers, product marketing managers, PR managers or website managers in international companies.

The work of a freelance translator consists of transposing the texts of their clients from one language to another, keeping as close as possible to the original meaning and tone set by the author.

Freelance translators are usually proficient in one or two languages in addition to their first language. They are familiar with the nuances of the languages they’re fluent in and can produce a translation that is very close to the original author’s intentions, unlike the automatic translators found on the internet.

Hiring a freelance translator for the translation of your website, application or advertisement will ensure that you achieve the desired result. For example, if you are launching a new website to target the German market, it will be very useful to have a German translator to review and correct all the text that will appear on it.

How does a freelance translator work?

Freelance translators usually work from home, so that they can concentrate and work in comfort. Indeed, they need peace and quiet as well as their favourite CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools. These tools allow them to split up their work, as well as receive translation suggestions based on glossaries or translation memories they’ve previously added to the software.These include SDL Trados, MemoQ and Déjà Vu X3.

How to hire a freelance translator?

To hire a freelance translator, start by defining your project's scope and specific requirements into a detailed brief. Then, search for qualified translators through our platform. On freelancers profiles, you will be able to evaluate their experience, language proficiency, and past work samples. Once you have selected a freelancer, you can communicate directly with him or her and exchange your project details and expectations clearly before finalising the contract.